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DoughGlyde™ Coating for Bakery Equipment

New at Crest Coating: DoughGlyde Coating  for Bakery Equipment 

Our DoughGlyde Coating is perfect for mixers, troughs, hoppers, chutes, dough rounders, and chunkers, etc.  We have completed extensive testing on this product and it is exciting to offer this as a solution for using so much oil in dough troughs, hoppers, chutes, etc. Our first test trough was coated over 4 years ago and appears today as it did the day the coating was applied.   DoughGlyde™  will substantially reduce oil or grease costs while allowing dough to transfer easily without the messiness connected with sticking dough. I have attached the information for your review.  

We also are certified coaters for the BCS non-stick bakeware coatings. See for more detailed information.   All of our coatings are in compliance with FDA and other food-contact regulatory agencies around the world and are made PFOA free, which means they are the green solution for your coating needs…and they are Kosher.   If you have questions please contact Jeff Erickson at 714-563-7305.