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August 2018

Aug 2018

“Solitare – the only game in town”… I have the song Solitare by Neil Sadaka (and Clay Aiken) stuck in my head this morning…so my spin off will be, of course, _your current supplier is not the only game in town…._

Try not to get too complacent with your suppliers. Keep getting those estimates done every now and then from other vendors. If nothing else, it will show you where things stand and if all is okay great. But if service has taken a dive and prices have increased, well it’s probably a good time to have someone else give you current pricing and a chance to show you that you just might be able to get better service.

I know things are iffy now with the new tariffs being thrown around like soccer balls, but someone told me just last week, that sending their product off-shore might end up more expensive than manufacturing it locally. Having to pay tariffs to bring it back in the USA will need to be taken into consideration. So, although things are still up in the air, now is a good time to look into local suppliers. Staying ahead and up to date is always to your advantage.

Enjoy this beautiful day!